Creativity involves the exercise of thinking new things, or associating things to generate others that are applicable and become a different solution to what is already established. However, each one of us has developed guidelines, models, on the basis of which we organise our ideas and perceive the world. The mind only sees what it is prepared to see on the basis of what it knows. However, nowadays, the entrepreneur must be able to give new answers, new solutions to new or not so new situations. At 3 Doubles Producciones we have been carrying out our productions and growing as a company since 2017. Human beings have always been interested in telling their stories with inanimate objects, overcoming the limits of our mind, to create a world.

“We love to work & we love where we work”

We have the best team of great professionals in the sector who work hard in everything they do. Our series, films and videos, serve to entertain from the youngest to the most intrepid teenagers. Our aim is to entertain and offer a wide variety of audiovisual content. Behind our backs we have several projects completed and many others that are being cooked.

"Animation is just another way of telling a story". C. Miller

Some of the projects already carried out include:


3 Doubles with WunderWerk’s animated family film “The Ogglies,” based on the hit German children’s book series about a group of creatures with unusual eating habits looking for a new home.

Helmed by Jens Møller, whose credits include the “Lego Star Wars” TV series, and Toby Genkel, director of animated hit “Ooops! Noah is Gone,” “The Ogglies” follows a family of green, smelly, garbage-eating yet good-natured little beings who find a new home in a city dump, only to face eviction when an unscrupulous contractor decides to build a wellness temple on the site.

Erhard Dietl’s book series, which includes 34 titles, has been translated into more than 13 different languages and sold more than 5 million copies in Germany alone.


The Daily Fable was the English version of the Dutch children’s programme De Fabeltjeskrant, broadcast in the UK on ITV from 1973 to 1975. A premiere of the film was made at Christmas 2018 in Belgium and the Netherlands, and was a total success. The first recordings were made on a Betamax machine and then transferred to VHS. They were stored in a loft for many years.

3 Doubles Producciones together with Grid Animation and Rubinstein Media and thanks to the application of the most avant-garde animation techniques, but respecting the long trajectory of the original series, created this remake of our beloved characters adapted to the 21st century.

Numerous generations have grown up watching the daily episodes of this classic series. The adventures of Miss Stork, Cunningham the Fox and Boris the Wolf in Fable Forest were brought to many living rooms by Mr. Owl.


This project was carried out by 3 Doubles Producciones and Grid BVBA. Interstellar Ella is a 52×11′ animated series aimed at four to seven year olds that explores the themes of friendship, astronomy, planets and learning through play. Following the story of Ella and her group of friends on their adventures in the Galaxy, the series aims to familiarise children and their parents with basic astronomy and astrophysics, with each episode teaching the young audience all about the solar system, space, and how the Earth is part of a bigger picture.

Interstellar Ella is going to be globally represented by Aarmand Sales & Acquisitions and the will air in the UK on CBeebies and on TVO, TFO and Knowledge Network in Canada and VRT Belgium. Pre-sales have been secured by the producer with ABC Australia and Hop! Israel, although we still do not know when they will be released.


Another work carried out by 3 Doubles Producciones, ”Winnipeg, the seed of hope", winner of the Quirino Awards in a special call for projects made by La Liga - a joint venture of Argentina's Animation!, Mexico's Pixelatl and Spain's Quirinos - will be part of a La Liga Annecy showcase featuring the most eagerly awaited animation titles from Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Adapted from a graphic novel by Spain's Laura Martel, "Winnipeg, el barco de Neruda", the project was initially created by Toni Marín, executive producer of "Arrugas", winner of the Annecy Special Distinction, by Ignacio Ferreras, based at La Ballesta in Barcelona.

Chile's El Otro Film, France's Marmitafilms and Spain's 3 Doubles Producciones have joined the project.

"Winnipeg, the Seed of Hope" tells a largely unknown true story: the odyssey of 2,200 Spanish refugees, mostly living in rudimentary camps in France, who sailed from France to Chile in September 1939, escaping from Spain, where Francisco Franco's dictatorship was consolidating its control over the country after three years of devastating Civil War.

The refugees managed to escape aboard an old French freighter, the SS Winnipeg, at the initiative of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and his wife Delia del Carril. Elio Quiroga ("La hora fría") is in charge of directing "Winnipeg, la semilla de la esperanza". He explained that the story will take the point of view of Julia, a 9-year old passenger on the ship, as she recalls the odyssey of an old woman.

Music director and composer Diego Navarro ("The Photographer of Mauthausen", "Catch the Flag") and artistic and development director Beñat Beitia ("Black is Beltza") are linked to the project.

By: Marketing Department Mayo 14, 2021

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