At 3 Doubles Producciones we continue to grow as a company and gain experience in the sector. We are working on several projects and look forward to adding more to our list. We have published on our website the new projects we are working on. We present 2 new projects for this year: Mia and Me and Quixotes. We are looking for professional profiles. If you would like to work for one of our projects in a company with more than 80 professionals in the 3D animation sector, gain experience and continue training, this is your opportunity. Enter our social networks for more information about this and keep up to date with our news, we will continue to publish job offers, among others.

If you want to work in exciting projects, and living in Paradise Tenerife, send right now your application!

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Quixotes, the heirs of La Mancha
Quixotes, the heirs of La Mancha, based upon a Book «The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha “. Is a 11-year-old Alfonso, heir of Don Quixote, and his 3 imaginary and musical rabbits join Pancho and Victoria, to save their beloved town of La Mancha from a huge storm, caused by evil triplets who want to own the land. This film is a Co-Producer with GGVFX (Argentina), STUDIO100 MEDIA (Germany), SIA (Germany) and MARK13 (Germany) and 3 Doubles Producciones provided production services. Director Gonzalo Gutiérrez and some of our professionals such as Maxi Díaz have participated in the animation direction of this film. They have created this animated film that will appeal to all audiences.

Mia & Me, the hero of Centopia
This latest project is being ending by our team and we can’t wait to see the final result and share it with you all. Mia & Me, the hero of Centopia is a film by director Adam Gunn und Matthias Temmermans. Produced by Studio 100 Media GmbH, Studio B Animation Pty Ltd, Broadvision Services Private Ltd, Studio 100 NV and 3 Doubles Productions, who provided production services. It tells the story of an ancient prophecy entwines around the magical gem in Mia’s bracelet. It takes Mia on an adventurous journey to the most remote islands of Centopia. There Mia not only faces a powerful enemy, but also takes her destiny into her own hands.




By: Marketing Department
Agosto 31, 2021