Last Thursday, February 29th, marked a historic moment for 3Doubles and the audiovisual industry in Tenerife with the inauguration of our new facilities in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This highly anticipated event brought together prominent figures and key entities in the sector, including the President of the «Cabildo de Tenerife» Rosa Dávila, Diego Navarro, ICEX, Proexca, Clúster Audiovisual de Tenerife, Tenerife Film Commission, Comercio Exterior de Canarias, Zona ZEC and many more.

The significance of this inauguration goes beyond just opening new facilities. It represents the growth and continued commitment of 3Doubles to excellence and driving the industry forward in the region. Located strategically in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, our new facilities are designed to be a hub of innovation and collaboration.

Guests at the inauguration of the 3Doubles office in the canteen area / Entrance of the 3Doubles Producciones office.

At 3Doubles, we are thrilled about the future that awaits us in our new facilities. According to Darío Sánchez, CEO of 3Doubles, «We are committed to further elevating the quality of animation in Tenerife and beyond. With the support of our partners and collaborators, we are confident that our new facilities will become a center of innovation and success for the entire industry».

Representatives from the Cabildo de Tenerife highlighted the tax advantages that the island offers to audiovisual productions, as well as the employment opportunities it brings for local youth with companies of this caliber establishing themselves in the Canary Islands.

Looking ahead, we are proud to announce the upcoming release of our film «SuperKlaus» in December of this year, as well as the premiere of «Giants of La Mancha» in various regions of Europe and Latin America. Additionally, we are excited about projects in production such as «Norbert», «Viana: The Legend of the Golden Hearts», and many more.

3Doubles Producciones facilities.

The inauguration of our new facilities not only represents a milestone for 3Doubles but also a step forward for the audiovisual industry in Tenerife. We are ready to write the next chapter in the history of cinema and animation on this beautiful island in the Atlantic.