Create your 3D animation portfolio is very important but, what is a portfolio?

A personal portfolio is an evidentiary document designed to provide qualitative and quantitative information.

Having a good artistic portfolio is essential to make your way in the creative industry or in this case 3D animation. In addition to experience you are looking for passion and commitment to your work, it is not enough to have creativity and talent. It will allow you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. You must know how to present it in the most attractive way so that it can catch the attention of recruiters in any studio or animation company.

You should have a professional animation portfolio to present at job interviews. Ideally you should show some animations and work in the signature style of the studio you are applying to. So researching the studio you want to apply to in detail beforehand gives you a head start and an idea of what they are looking for and how they work.

Remember that your animation portfolio should focus on certain key elements: character acting, modelling, rigging, lighting, scene design and compositing. Also, don’t forget to carefully edit your animation portfolio. You should demonstrate your skills through your best work, don’t clutter your demo reel with too many pieces that look like filler.

The order of presentation in your portfolio is important. We can’t put all our best work at the beginning, because then we will have a feeling of decline.

It is very important that the presentation of your digital portfolio is very neat and professional. Put your personal details (name and contact details), adapt your portfolio for each place and each job you want to access, depending on the company and the sector. Make use of social networks, one of the most powerful tools to make yourself known and to be able to promote your work. And most importantly, do not forget that you must express your personality in your work.

3 Doubles Producciones will be present at Mundos Digitales, for those who don’t know what this event is. Mundos Digitales celebrates its first Virtual Job Fair. The event is an opportunity for companies in the sector and candidates with professional profiles related to digital content to get in touch virtually.

The participating companies and the different jobs they need to fill and their requirements are published on their website. An online register will be set up so that those attending the Virtual Job Fair, the candidates, can send their applications and curriculums to the companies that are looking for jobs. The companies will be able to review this material and arrange, if they consider it appropriate, a virtual appointment of 15 minutes with the candidates that they believe meet their requirements. In this way they will be able to interview and, if a recruitment is feasible, establish direct contact afterwards.

What are you waiting for create a 3D animation portfolio?

We look forward to seeing you from 19 to 21 July.

You will be able to register through the website. Registration will open this week. When you register, you will have access to the fair’s online platform where you will be able to create your user profile and select the companies you would like to interview.

By: Marketing Department
Julio 06, 2021