3Doubles Producciones has started a new service for Moonbug Entertainment Ltd (UK) and its production «ARPO The Robot». After some months of hard work in order to improve the quality of this old show, first episodes has been delivered and published in Youtube. It is being a great success and the first 2 episodes has been watched by more than 1.5 million each of them. It seems that «ARPO The Robot» has come to stay for a long time.
3Doubles Producciones in charge of almost everything but scripts, music and sound effects, although concept art, storyboard and animatic is being done by La Casa Animada, another Canary Islands studio which work together with 3Doubles Producciones.
Arpo might seem scary but he isn’t some top secret government’s project, he is just a harmless housekeeper; one who unfortunately finds himself working for the wackiest family known to mankind. His main job is to look after the impossibly absent-minded adults, clean up after the meddling nine-year-old boy and most of all, survive Baby Daniel (a little trouble magnet.)

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