Moonbug Entertainment is a company that creates, produces and distributes content for children, works with 3 Doubles Producciones for the development of ARPO. This animation started distributing on Youtube but now ARPO is on Netflix.  Netflix is a popular streaming service that offers a vast catalog of movies, TV shows, and original content.

Underneath a strong and fearless exterior, is a caring, slightly clumsy and unprepared Robot. With all the right intentions and a spotless track record of 100% completed missions, ARPO has been reprogrammed to be a babysitter. Now he is with the Dilovely family. His main function is to take care of little Daniel, who is a trouble magnet.

These episodes helps understanding of non-verbal communication, body language and facial expressions, without the use of dialogues. Moreover, combining slap-stick humour and adventure, ARPO is a family-friendly show perfect for developing kids’ sense of humour.

Don’t miss it, you and your whole family will love it!

Take advantage, Arpo is on Netflix!