Artificial intelligence has become a key tool for the economic and social development of countries. In Spain, many companies have found in this technology an opportunity to improve their productivity and competitiveness, among them, we are one of them.

We have received a special recognition for our commitment to artificial intelligence and our participation in the European Union’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

The Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) is the body in charge of financing business projects in Spain. In this sense, the publication of the grant is a crucial step in the process of financing our projects.  This achievement not only speaks of the company’s commitment to the objectives of the plan, but also of our ability to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in the field of artificial intelligence.

In accordance with our publication in social networks, we are proud to inform that 3Doubles is a company committed to technological advancement and research and development (R+D+i). In this sense, one of our main objectives is to boost the 3D animation sector in the Canary Islands region, where we have been successfully operating for several years, developing large productions with a team of highly qualified professionals.

Thanks to our values and constant efforts to improve our sector, we have the privilege of participating in a very special project, the CDTI project, whose main purpose is to break down all our processes in Artificial Intelligence to be able to reuse them without technical limitations and adapt to any platform or program needed in new productions without losing the work already done.

We are deeply grateful for the appreciation and consideration given to our team at 3 Doubles Producciones. We will make the most of this opportunity to continue growing as a company and contribute to the continuous improvement of the 3D animation sector. As an aspiration, we long to consolidate our position as a reference studio in Europe in the creation of cutting-edge animation content.