is a 2D and 3D animation founded in Tenerife (Spain). We have a highly qualified team with experience in pipeline and 2D/3D production design. Capable of carrying out any type of audiovisual project where 2D/3D animation have the main focus. Our team of professionals have been working in 3D animation films such as “Planet 51”, “Tad the lost explorer”, “Klaus”, «Black is Beltza» and many more. As studio, we have been working on “Inspector Sun and the curse of the black widow”, “The Ogglies”, “Mia & Me: hero of Centopia”, «My fairy troublemaker» and TV series such as «ARPO the robot» and «Momonsters».

We produce entertainment projects that stand out for their creativity, technological development and quality, positioning ourselves as a leading company in Europe. Our production journey starts in Pipeline, IT, Concept Art, Animatic, Modeling, Lookdev, Layout, Animation, FX, Lighting, Render and Compositing. We focus on the development of high quality international animation feature films, as well as cooperating as producers, co-producers and service providers with other leading animation companies in the world.

We are constantly growing.

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Our Objective

Produce the best movies and series

Consolidate the 3D animation industry in the Canary Islands

For all audiences

Beautiful characters

Children's Productions

Lovely characters that will make us laugh

Tax Incentives

For film production in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands offer a range of attractive tax advantages which are successfully applied thanks to the Canaries Economic and Tax Regime










Address: Calle Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez 18, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, SP 38005